I’m not crazy

I mentioned in my post-race post that I was having trouble with my front chainring. Trimom was headed down to Milwaukee, so she agreed (because she’s awesome) to take my bike down and drop it off at the bike shop.

So this afternoon, I get a call from Trimom. She’s at the bike shop, and she’s reporting that the mechanic found NOTHING WRONG. He even took it out for a ride and couldn’t find any problem with the chainring.

That leads to four choices:

1) I’m crazy, and hallucinated the problems I (thought I) had on Saturday.

2) The problem truly existed, but magically fixed itself between Saturday and today.

3) The mechanic at the bike shop has a powerful aura that makes problems go away when he’s within five feet of a bicycle.

4) There’s actually a problem, and the mechanic couldn’t recreate it.

No matter what, I’m not sure what to do. I told Trimom that I wasn’t crazy (which I’m now having doubts about) and that I had real problems, and would the mechanic please take one more look at it.

That was almost two hours ago and I haven’t heard anything back. That can’t be good.



UPDATE: The mechanic couldn’t find anything, and so sent the bike home without any adjustment. I’m terrified to go riding, because now I’m about fifty percent sure I am insane.

By the way, Trimom thinks option #2 above is what actually happened. I guess that is the least unlikely.


3 Responses to I’m not crazy

  1. bondgirl says:

    She’s such an optimist.

    You might try taking it down to the mechanic yourself. It is entirely possible that *you* have a problem with the bike but the mechanic, who I assume has the stereotypical bike mechanic slightness, cannot recreate it due to the difference in build.

  2. bondgirl says:

    I wasn’t just talking about weight–you are also significantly taller than most bike mechanics I’ve ever met. Although, many of the mechanics in Chicago are tiny hipster boys who weigh less than I do, so it’s not really an issue of “fat”.

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