It’s gotta be the shoes

My gear, in case you care. I’m sure you don’t.

Wetsuit: Fit2Race Sockeye sleeveless. I don’t like swimming in a full-sleeve wetsuit – I feel like I just spend more effort turning my arms over. It’ll be chilly in Elkhart Lake on June 13, but I can always get warm again. I can’t gain back energy I wasted needlessly. I have to plug the folks over at Fit2Race (www dot f2r dot com). Their customer service is OUTSTANDING; they answered a lot of questions before I bought my first wetsuit, and they have a terrific warranty policy. They also rent suits. I highly recommend you patronize their business.

Bike: 2007 Trek Pilot 5.2 s.p.a. I know, I know, it’s kind of a Cadillac in a Corvette world, but cut me some slack. When I bought it, I was so fat and out of shape I couldn’t touch my toes, much less get horizontal on a road bike. It’s usually the plushest bike at a smaller tri, but I upgraded all the components to Ultegra, took off the front reflector (lame!) and recently got re-fit to a more aggressive handlebar and seat position. I do love riding the Pilot; it’ll ride all day comfortably and eats potholes for breakfast. Next year, after I lose more weight in the off-season, I’m going to look at a tri bike. The hard decision will be to stick with Trek (my homies – we have five Treks including my 3-year-old daughters bike) or look at Cervelo.

I wear Sidi road shoes (13 Mega – I have FLIPPERS) with Speedplay pedals.

Clothes: I like Under Armor shirts and SmartWool socks, but I really want to pimp AeroTech Designs (www dot aerotechdesigns dot com) and Mt. Borah (mtborah dot com). AeroTech is based in Pennsylvania and sells both other manufacturer’s jerseys, bike shorts and tri shorts as well as their own brand. Their stuff is manufactured in the U.S.A. in Pennsylvania and is high-quality stuff. I love their tri shorts. Plus, their sizes run up to 4X-5X depending on the item. They’re the only guys I’ve found that cater to the truly big and tall cyclist and triathlete. Mt. Borah sells shorts, jerseys and jackets in killer designs, all made right here in Wisconsin. I really think it’s good for our country and our economy to buy American, so I love to give my money to these two companies.

Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS. I walked into Fox Valley Running in Appleton, they took one look at me and handed me these shoes. (Don’t get the wrong idea, though. They did a full gait analysis and let me run outside in them. They pride themselves on giving you a good fit.) I have to say, they were right; my lungs and legs give out long before my feet ever hurt.

Nutrition: I like regular PowerBars and bananas before a workout or race, GU during, and Clif Bars (Black Cherry Almond – mmm) and PB&J after.

Miscellaneous: Body Glide is this Fat Triathlete’s best friend. If your thighs rub together, you need this.

Anyway, that was totally a filler post, but hey, if you got this far, you read it. Thank you.




2 Responses to It’s gotta be the shoes

  1. Area Man says:

    Insert jargon-saturated, over-focused comment on equipment features of marginal utility here.

  2. jtower42 says:

    You’re just jealous because you’re riding my hand-me-down.

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