Big train running

Today’s plan called for a 1200-meter swim and a 35-minute run.  I just didn’t have it in me to get up early to go swimming this morning, so I didn’t.  I hate the inconsistency of mornings.  I get up at 5 a.m. for early workouts, and some mornings I’m jacked up and ready to go.  Some mornings I sit on the couch watching SportsCenter, nodding off, and I barely make it to the Y in time.  I wish I knew why…

It was a beautiful evening – sunny, 65 degrees, mild breeze.  My goal was to run the whole 35 minutes, and to cover 5K in that time.  My Elkhart Lake tri goal calls for a 35-minute run leg, and I know I can do that, because my Cellcom 5K time was 33:16.  However, I haven’ t run a full 5K since Cellcom on May 17th, so I wanted to see if I could make that time without race-day adrenaline.

I felt good the first mile, and skipped the temptation to take a walk break. I felt good the next half-mile to my turnaround point, but the next half-mile was a little more of a struggle.  My speed dropped from about 5.4 mph to 4.9, and I had a stitch for about a quarter-mile.  Then I came to the road crossing that I knew meant I had just under a mile to go, and that gave me a little jolt.  Plus, Baba O’Reilly came on my iPod, which always helps.

I walked across that road, just because of traffic, and then picked up the pace for the last leg. I ran about 5.7 mph the rest of the way back, and stopped my watch when I passed 3.1 miles.  I didn’t even want to look, so I walked back to my car to cool down, and then I looked.


I’ll take it.  Thirty seconds slower than goal without any adrenaline and with two and a half weeks to go?  I’ll take that all day long.

I’ve got a crazy day tomorrow – up at 5 to drive to Green Bay for an all-day meeting, then a dinner meeting after work.  I have no idea when I’m going to fit a workout in, but I’m going to try.




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