The Weight of Water

I had the highest of hopes for today.  Trimom (my wife and mother of my children) was at Girls’ Night Out last night, so I took the opportunity to go to bed early, planning a monster workout for today.  The plan went something like this. Get up at 5 a.m., ride to the YMCA (about 2.5 miles), swim 1200 meters, then bike to work (about 9 miles).

I laid out my bike gear, packed a backpack with clothes for work,  left a note for Trimom to set the alarm and hit the sack.  So far, so good.

I got up as soon as the alarm went off, wandered blearily around the bathroom for a few minutes, and then went downstairs to get ready to go.

Except that, um, I apparently forgot to tell the weather what I was planning on doing.  And in true Wisconsin spring fashion, it (the weather) did not want to cooperate.  It was FORTY-FIVE degrees.

And raining.

So, I wasn’t biking anywhere.  I morosely put away my helmet and shoes, and headed for the car to collect my consolation prize – a good strong swim.  I even got a little cocky; I was going to try to swim my laps at 1:20 or better.  I was feeling bummed about the ride, but stoked for the swim.

Except that didn’t work out quite that way either.

I got to the Y no problem, changed, showered, there was even a lane open the minute I walked into the pool.  But for some reason, I just had a mediocre swim.  Sometimes, I get into a zone, I find a rhythm, and I almost forget the water’s there.  Today, the water felt like concrete – heavy, resistant, slow.  I managed to knock off 1000 meters – 100 short of my plan for the day, but I just didn’t have it, and I needed to get to work.

The good news for the day is that I weighed myself this morning, and I have held steady at 305 throughout my training.  I was worried that all the eating I was doing to fuel my workouts would creep up on me, but apparently I am burning what I’m eating.  So I got that going for me.

I’m hoping to bike and run tomorrow, but someone told me the weather is supposed to be lousy all week.




3 Responses to The Weight of Water

  1. Area Man says:

    Time was, 45 degrees and raining with a whipping Borean wind was the best kind of weather to train in. Time was, Northmen embraced the hardness of the climate, the harshness of the winter, and took advantage of the 6 month winters and pillaged weaker men of warmer climes that hunkered feebly in their thatch-and-mud homes, softened by a life of warmth, food aplenty, and a bed to sleep in.

    Of course, triathlons back then were rowing, skull splitting, and pillaging. So… its kind of apples and oranges, you know?

  2. bored coworker says:

    At long last – a new outlet for my friend’s unending workout diatribe!
    What my friend fails to recognize was that today’s weather was perfect for his training regimen. June 13 will be rainy and 45 degrees. Had he trained today instead of whining, he would have had an edge over his competition. But NOOOOOOOO!

  3. […] degrees. Chilly. Not raining, and not windy, but still chilly. However, with Area Man’s comment ringing in my ears, I decided to go […]

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